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Investing in the Future
of Angel Fire

Reach New Heights - Our Community's Economic Development Vision

Angel Fire's Economic Development Strategic Plan is a bold and dynamic blueprint for creating a flourishing, year-round economic environment. The Plan outlines goals, strategies and action items that capitalize on the community's available resources to implement the plan. The marketing banner of "Reach New Heights" highlights the fact that individuals can achieve personal success and growth by living and working in Angel Fire. "Reach New Heights" is more than a slogan, it is our ultimate promise to both visitors and current residents.

Our Community's Core Values

Angel Fire's economic foundation is based upon our hospitality and recreation industries. As Angel Fire grows, supporting these industries remains a major priority. Angel Fire is a beautiful and pristine community. As we pursue planned economic development, we remain committed to our "green and clean" environment. Angel Fire is filled with friendly, helpful people. As Angel Fire grows, this core value of "supportiveness" remains the foundation for all that we do.

Economic Development Strategic Plan Goals and Implementation Priorities

1. Work together as a community to create and support a thriving economic development environment that supports planned growth, through development of strategic infrastructure as well as retention, expansion, start-up and recruitment of targeted industry clusters that fit Angel Fire's core values.
Work with Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce to establish a pro-active business retention program that aggressively supports retention and expansion of Tier 1 (key existing) business clusters.
Create programs and other assistance to foster entrepreneurial growth within the community.
Work closely with outside agencies and organizations such as New Mexico Partnership to encourage appropriate business relocation to Angel Fire.
Identify Tier 2 (desired) business clusters and actively work to develop these industries through start-up or recruitment.
Work with local utilities and other outside entities to ensure availability of high-speed internet connectivity and cellular phone service throughout Angel Fire.
Leverage expanded Village infrastructure by working with private and public entities to actively encourage the construction of sustainable affordable housing.
Build a reliable and trained local workforce to support a growing regional economy, by partnering with outside agencies and organizations to both attract and educate new workers.
Develop "third place" establishments and, eventually, a full-service business incubator.
2. Leverage Angel Fire's reputation as a "veteran focused community."
Attract veterans and their families to live and work in the Moreno Valley.
Establish Angel Fire as a preferred "reintegration" destination offering myriad relaxation, recreation and healing opportunities for vets and their families.
Work closely with the office of the State Cabinet Secretary of Veterans Services on special projects of mutual interest.
3. Develop a cohesive look and character for public facilities and private businesses within Angel Fire's core commercial area.
Define a downtown district.
Review and assess current situation and desired architectural and landscaping improvements.
Create incentives to encourage private property owners to improve façades and landscaping.
Install public amenities such as sidewalks, lighting, planters and site furniture to help spur private development.
Design and construct a "gateway" to Angel Fire, concurrent with the scheduled realignment of the intersection of Highway 64 and Mountain View Blvd.
4. Comprehensively market Angel Fire to both visitor and live/work audiences.
Create new visual branding for "Reach New Heights" theme.
Develop new websites for both tourism and economic development that reflect new visual branding and which serve as thorough resources and marketing tools for Angel Fire's "Reach New Heights" live-work-play messages.
Encourage and facilitate use of "Reach New Heights" theme and thematic artwork by local businesses and organizations.
5. Encourage construction of workforce housing for seasonal and permanent residents.
Work with the Village of Angel Fire to establish incentives for private developers such as long-term affordable housing covenants or creative inclusionary zoning policies.
Work with not-for-profit housing development organizations to create and fund projects.