Tom Bowles


The Roasted Clove

Chef Tom began his culinary career in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. After graduating from college and pursuing a career in sales, Tom followed his soul and changed careers in 2001. Tom graduated with a culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University with honors, then quickly began traveling to see and experience culinary traditions around the globe. Tom ventured as far as the South Pole, Antarctica, before visiting New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, Spain, as well as a handful of countries in Central America on his quest for hands-on culinary knowledge. All told, Tom spent nine months outside the United States broadening his palate. Upon returning to the US, Tom agreed to help a friend from culinary school run a restaurant called The Roasted Clove for the summer. Tom fell in love with Angel Fire, bought The Roasted Clove, and plans to stay in Angel Fire indefinitely.