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About Angel Fire
New Mexico

You'll find us in the picturesque Moreno Valley, just a half-hour east of Taos. Our town sits on the valley floor at 8,420 feet and the mountains surrounding us rise to nearly 11,000 feet. At the northern end of the valley, Wheeler Peak (New Mexico's highest) sits at a majestic 13,161 feet. Our people are friendly and down-to-earth, our streets never feel too crowded. We're a small resort town without the resort prices.

Not just a spectacular place to live, Angel Fire is an inspiring place to work. Our low-key atmosphere belies the strength of our business people and the community they have created. This is an especially remarkable place for those who don't quite want to retire. Why not kick back to a one- or two-day-a-week work plan? Keep your hand in and mind your business. Contribute to our community's strength and growth. Angel Fire is the place where you can play a lot more and still make a difference.

Visitors to Angel Fire generate a substantial portion of the area's economic activity. Much of the local economy depends on visitors and second-home and vacation-home owners who contribute significantly to the retail, lodging and dining businesses of the community. Related construction and real estate activity also represents a key component of the area's economy.