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Our Neighbor on the Lake: Eagle Nest

Eagle Nest has always been known as a laid-back mountain town. The sidewalks and old-fashioned streetlights, park benches and flowerboxes along Eagle Nest's main street make a stroll through the village a pleasure. Eagle Nest is a haven for fishermen and other outdoor lovers, and a gateway to the Enchanted Circle. The Village of Eagle Nest is situated on the north shore of majestic Eagle Nest Lake, is a nature lovers paradise.

The first inhabitants of the Moreno Valley were Native American tribes who freely roamed in search of game for food and golden feathers for ceremonial worship. In the late 1860s, when gold was struck, prospectors began arriving. It's estimated that over six million dollars of gold came from the mines in the surrounding areas. The town of Eagle Nest, then known as Therma, first began as a ramshackle mining town, providing a home base of sorts for the miners. During the mid to late 1800s, ranchers also moved cattle onto the open range of the Moreno Valley. In the early 1900s, the Valley began to again change. Ranchers Charles and Frank Springer and the Cimarron Valley Land Company were granted rights in 1907 to impound the water of the Cimarron River for irrigation by building a dam. Construction on the dam began in 1916 and continued through 1918. It is thought to be the largest privately constructed dam in the United States.

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